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Talking Calms Me Down: A Mumblecore Essay

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Mumblecore is just badly pronounced bubblecore. Bubblecore is when you do bubbles. Usually gooey lyrics and sappy melodies and is always about some relations or something. So the question for mumblecore is how to convince the others to your sappy lyrics if no one can really understand what you're saying. You're really in a laundry room. You're really in a laundry room. 

Talking Calms Me Down: A Mumblecore Essay is a short film that explores the stage of expression when there is definitely something coming, but it's not yet clear what it is about. A stage of coming of age and becoming a subject within "the political", performed by both the socially capable and the socially inept. If you're not so good at talking, anything can turn out to be unspeakable. There is no clear language, only words chewed ineffectively. The first consciously transgressive acts lay ground for the future understanding of one's capabilities as well as potential threats. This, in turn, moulds one's opinion on what is possible and what is not.