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Arkadiusz Półtorak (curator): I remember as once we were talking about werewolves. It was a morning after a full-moon Saturday night – about as tricky as it may get – though this wasn’t the trigger that day… 
Jan Moszumański: Yeah, and there will be a werewolf, for sure. 
A.P.: Because it’s a figure of metamorphosis? 
J.M.: Because it’s caught up in the transformation. “Metamorphosis” sounds great (don’t we all love shape-shifting) yet this particular one is neither voluntary nor easy, you know? The Lupine Night is beyond control. Humans have no power over their canines once they begin to grow – and if we cut what’s so fairytale about wolves off the wolverine stories, what remains on the bottom is just bare fright. 
A.P.: You mean the fear of the so-called Nature? Fear that it does not care too much about human rule?
J.M.: Rule over the moon and the ocean tides? I mean, I focus more on the human-wolf himself, on his self-alienation and confusion – in the most personal, human terms. On the sudden outbursts of drives and emotions that one – a werewolf – tries to keep at bay to sustain their self-confidence and illusory sense of control.
A.P.: But that delusion needs yet another fancy – a lurid one; say, a fairytale – to find its false reflection, to flatter itself…
J.M.: So that the original delusion may present itself as the epitome of sober thinking, right. But it’s ok to watch wilderness from a distance, even through the lens of fancy. After a while it just gets more familiar. And that’s healthy. Still, there is violence and wilderness that cannot be tamed – an internal violence one cannot manage or even project on “the outside”, the Nature (you name it). Sometimes it seems like a side effect of the human actions; the result of immaturity – of unreadiness to work. 

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Welcome to Last Chance
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